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Humans Attack!

A simple card game based liar’s dice. You have to guess how many humans other players are trying to sneak on board. It’s currently in development, we’re testing and tweaking the rules.

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Cured Jerky

Shop bought jerky tastes like cardboard. So we’re making our own. Each bite is full of flavour. We’re still doing limited batches and trialling new flavours, so if you want in, sign up to our jerky club

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Super Cute Puppets

A sticker pack for messages in iOS. With cute puppets. Because everything is better with puppets.

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Socially Awkward Supplies

The world is hard enough without having to navigate the confusing world of social situations. So we’ve created some Socially Awkward Supplies, for socially awkward people.

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A sticker pack for messages in iOS. For when you really need a pea…

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